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                Charged monitor seri
                10KV Contact box Ser
                10KV Tube series
                10KV Transduar serie
                10KV insulator serie
                24KV series products
                35KV series products
                Temperature & humidi
                Arrester series
                Electromagnetic lock
                Switch status indica
                Static contact serie
                High voltage fuse
                Fault indicator
                Over-voltage protect
                Mechanical lock seri
                Lock series
                Connected insulator
                Hand car series
                Digital display mete
                Circuit breaker seri
                Tube seat series
                Contact arm series
                Microcomputer prote
                Other accessories
                Plum blossom type hi
                About us


                Yueqing Fuyi Kaiguan Co.,Ltd  locates in the Chinese Electrical capital—Yueqing ,on the north lies yangdang Mountain with beautiful landscape .The Yong tai Wen expressway and 104 national highway are adjacent to it, its geographic position is well and traffic is convenient.

                Our corporation is a technical type enterprise integration product design,manufacturing and sale into one body. The indoor high voltage insulated product owns super quality in addition to consummate technology which wins wide trust and favorable reception from foreign and domestic customers. The product manufactured by our corporation contains insulating cylinder for VS1 vacuum circuit breaker., fix-sealing terminal for VSM vacuum circuit breaker, complete set of contact box for GZS1 built-in cabinet,insulator.sensor,35kv contact box.35kv wall bushing. We have advanced technics(APG) to produce insulating components for high voltage cabinet etc.Our products sell to more than 180 factories all around China..We also export large quantity of products to Oceania, Europe ,Southeast Asia and Middle east, deal to high quality and reasonable price.

                Our corporation possesses a lot of high-quality mould design personnel. advanced mould processing technique. seven sets of epoxy resin automatic pressure gel molding equipments as well as corresponding supporting equipment, advanced anti-interference shielding laboratory: So far ,we has formed one modern enterprise with large scale. Our corporation concentrated on design and manufacturing of various insulated products. so we could continuously develop new technology and new product which has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and CCC. CE Certification.

                Our corporation would like provide wide customers with super-quality products and service with perfect management system and checkout means. ”Satisfying customer” is the pursuit of “FYK  person” . “Sincerity. devotion, keep improving “is the spirit of “FYK” person. Keeping innovation is the aim of ”FYK person”. With enterprise idea of “guarantee high quality, be honest , keep promise ,seek development .”FYK person” sincerely hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises and customers hand in hand for co-creating the glorious achievement

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